Your Child’s Growth is Like the Muddy Lotus

by Queenie on April 15, 2010

Image of QueenieFrom the muddy waters and banks of still ponds and lakes emerge the beautiful lotus flower with distinctive beauty and enchanting power. “The lotus flower is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, [and] at dawn it rises and opens again.”

The lotus flower for generations have captivated all, impelling us to ask the same question, “how is it that this beautiful flower comes to light in the most dissolute and deplorable situations?”

Your child’s developmental growth patterns are reflective of the Lotus Flower story.

Contrary to popular belief, children don’t grow in all developmental areas, at the same time, in rigid and inflexible patterns in the same manner with other children across the country.

Your child’s growth in one area is sometimes not apparent because it’s in what I’m calling a ‘growth hibernation’ period.

Sometimes children know something and have a deep conceptual understanding of it. However at the same time, they are unable to illustrate that during a test or an assessment. During periods like these, look to to the lotus and remember that your child’s integration and synchronization of their learning will emerge in due season.

Give them the time, space and love they need


the sun in their life


let the Beauty Emerge!

Queenie Lindsey is an academic coach and educational consultant. She is the founder of Tandem Teaching and Distinguished Learning Group, an academic coaching firm. Follow her on Twitter.