So, who are we anyway? We are Queenie, Melissa, and Patrick.

We met at a school without books, desks, or curriculum. We improvised all day long. We didn’t teach in the traditional way, but brought kids on an expedition into new lands. Quite simply, we get it. We have been scared and confused and burned out and stressed and unsure of the next step. Yet, instead of just experiencing that with one child, we have experienced it with thousands. We know the terrified feeling of possibly saying the wrong thing and ruining a kid’s life. But we have also learned and invented hundreds of techniques to answer almost any situation. So we joined forces with Megan, our designer, and Edmund our illustrator, and created this site to get all of the knowledge we’ve gained from our experiences out of our heads and into your hands so that we can help as many families as possible.

And as every situation is unique, as yours will be, we just need to mention that brainstorming? Kind of what we do best.