Wednesday Wisdom | Talking to Your Teen About Tough Topics

by Melissa on December 22, 2010

When your kiddo is little, there’s nothing that they won’t talk to you about. I’ve seen many parents blush when confronted with frank questions from their little peanuts. Fast-forward ten years, and you’ll see the very same parent with the same kid (now a teenager), and they miss it. The same kids that made them blush clam up when the parents bring up tough topics. There are so many difficult decisions awaiting our tweens and teens. We want to be able to talk to them, give them advice, help steer them in the right direction.

As you know, I’ve been listening up on podcasts that are out there for parents. (If you’re not familiar with podcasts, Dr. Thomas Lamar gives a great explanation  here.) Some are good, some not so good. At Tandem Teaching, our goal is to weed through the “not so good” so you don’t have to. We’ll occasionally be featuring different podcasts that are really valuable and amazing, and will be able to help you so much when you’re trying to understand your kid, or have a problem that you need help with. It’s great for parents that are busy, because you can listen to them on your own time, when you’re exercising, or (my personal favorite) when you’re dealing with the commute to work.

The Wednesday Wisdom this week is brought to you by Susie, who has came up with a brilliant way to handle the situation above. In the podcast “How to Grow Your Gleek,” she discusses the show Glee, and how she used it as an ice-breaker when discussing important social issues with her daughter. Susie does an excellent job of sharing her personal experience in a way that is helpful for any adult who wants to use this strategy to connect with their kids and broach tough topics. Glee gives so many chances to talk about difficult topics with your kids in a way that’s not uncomfortable. And it’s a really fun show to watch.

Email or comment to let me know if you need help with the glitches that come along with exploring the podcast world.

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I’ll be sure to pass your thoughts along to Susie. Hearing how her free service impacts your family in a positive way is pretty powerful, and I’m looking forward to sharing your feedback with her.

Happy listening!

Melissa Lubaszka is the founder of Tandem Teaching and teaches in the inner-city. She blogs weekly about tips parents can implement to enhance their connection with their children and ways to bring out their children’s inherent gifts. Contact her for a private consulting session.