Wednesday Wisdom | Give Kids Something To Think About

by Queenie on February 2, 2011

Image of QueenieAs a teacher I’m not a big fan of homework. I know its a big, bold statement but I remember  all the times when my teachers gave me useless homework assignments. The job of the assignment was to keep me busy, not to get me thinking. The Weekly Thought this week had to do with exploring the cultural achievements of African Americans, with this in mind, it makes me think about all the useless things that kids are being asked to explore in our world today. If there is anything that I can do about it, I know that its my job to send kids home thinking about something rather than giving them something to do.  Edith Ann, [Lily Tomlin] said it best, “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.”

This week I challenge you to give your kids something to think about, engage them in high level thinking. This curiosity and interest  intrigues the amygdala and promotes dendrite growth. Did you know that learning something new or thinking about something in a new way “actually changes the structure of the brain… it rewires itself with each new reception of stimuli.” ( Eric Jensen)  Making synaptic connections between brain cells is the basis of your child getting smarter.

What will you give your child to think about this week?

I’m wishing you a Happy Wednesday sprinkled with a little bit of wisdom.