Wednesday Wisdom

by Megan on August 11, 2010

We thought you might enjoy this video for today’s Wednesday Wisdom.

Announcements! We have some!

Did you catch the interview with Tandem Teaching over at Simple Marriage? The amazing Pearl Mattenson asked us some questions about how parents should be focusing on their children’s summer experiences.  Find out what we really think about climbing trees and watching soap operas.

We’ve also made a few changes around the site – there is a new page on our professional backgrounds and some more information on our mission.

Is getting ready to go back to school already making you lose sleep? Worrying about how to stay on top of every soccer practice and parent teacher meeting? Maybe your kid’s state standards seem too hard even for you this year?

We have solutions to problems you may not even realize you’ll be up against this school year. Check out our free teleclass of 45 information packed minutes of back to school tips. Patrick, Queenie, and Melissa go on the record with these secrets from the Teacher’s Lounge.


Queenie August 11, 2010 at 5:46 pm

The use of visual recording to document the human process of motivation is genius. I love it. We will have to do one for TT on a subject of importance.

Melissa August 12, 2010 at 4:21 am

Wow, Queenie. This process of explanation is SO GOOD for our visual learners out there. What an important message, told in such an engaging way. I know some of the students we shared would have a LOT to say about this video.

I know that we understand the theory behind this because we’ve been working with kids for so long, and have seen this played out a million times, but for so many people this idea is revolutionary. I really hope parents take the ten minutes to sit and watch this video. It will really help them understand the unconventional actions of their kids (and themselves, maybe 🙂 !).

Great find, Miss!