3 Summer Break Tips

by Patrick on June 29, 2010

Illustration of PatrickIt’s been about a week or two now and it’s the point where summer break is really sinking in to their little minds. This isn’t like those tiny winter vacation or the barely noticeable spring breaks that goes by with a blink of the eye. This is summer vacation. This is the long haul. There is plenty of time to sit back relax and enjoy your child: Sleep in, spend the whole day in your pajamas, and enjoy the ice cream truck.

However its also important to keep your kids thinking over the summer so here is a few quick tips to keep your kids mind working over the next few months.

  1. Do some science experiments. You’ve got ten minutes today to sit down to surf the internet and find a few easy simple science experiments (like in the Recipe File of the Inventive Play e-kit) that are easy to do and lots of fun. In fact for some of them all the materials are in your kitchen cupboards. If your feeling really ambitious go to the bookstore by a science experiment book and let your kid pick his investigation.
  2. Keep them reading. With the teachers gone and their access to the school and classroom libraries impossible, it’s up to you to get print in your child’s hands. Spend some time in the libraries and bookstores picking up a good book. Melissa has a great post about choosing kids books.
  3. PLAY, PLAY and PLAY. Everyone knows how much we value play here at Tandem Teaching. Give your child as many opportunities to play as possible. That means scheduling play dates, park day, trips to the beach and playing in the sprinkler. There’s a pretty easy formula to deciding when a child has had enough play, when they’re sleeping. So keep it up and keep it moving.

So parents here’s your opportunity to tell us the help you need. Out of these three things which one do you think is most important? Which one do you need more support in? How can we here at Tandem Teaching help you make this a great summer for you and your child?


Melissa July 8, 2010 at 11:08 am

Patrick, I love all three of your tips, but I can’t stress to parents enough how important your second tip is.

Research shows that the minutes your child spends reading every day is the best thing they can do to make sure they succeed in school! Kids who spend 76 minutes reading per day rank in the 98th percentile, 33 minutes rank in the 90th, and kids that read 6 minutes rank in the 40th.

I know how much we value the whole child at Tandem Teaching without fully relying on test scores, but when teacher and student have worked hard all year to increase their reading level and they regress over the summer because they don’t spend time reading, the result for child, teacher, AND parent are truly heart-breaking.

Visit the library, join a book club, make it enjoyable but make sure your kiddo has access. It will make so much of a difference in their lives.

sts July 27, 2010 at 9:17 am

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