What Teacher Participants In Our Workshops Are Saying

Thank you so much for the techniques I learned in your session. I implemented one in my class today, and it worked! The principal walked in at the tail end, and he loved it. A first grade teacher stopped by, and said it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. More importantly, though, it was good for the kids. I read the class a book in Spanish, and some kids felt left out. Our chalk talk was on what we can do to make other kids comfortable when they feel left out. We did it on butcher paper, and I’m going to leave it up because I have a student that doesn’t speak English. This strategy helped the class generate their own ideas on how they can help her feel more included. I told my students that they could draw instead of write to differentiate so all students could participate, like you suggested. One of my students is really outspoken and sassy, but very low in writing and embarrassed about it. I was positive she would choose to draw, but she wrote! It took her 20 minutes to muster the courage, and her writing was misspelled, but she got up there! It was such a brave act, and she was so proud of herself. Thank you for teaching me how to do this.

-Rose, 4th grade teacher

That was incredible! You brought me into your presentation right away and had my attention completely. Your ideas are inspiring and I look forward to using them in my class.

-Amber, 1st grade teacher

Such a thought-provoking presentation. I definitely don’t acknowledge how the outside influences of students could have such a far-reaching negative impact in my classroom. I love the packet, the pictures, the writing. You have such an engaging and charming presentation manner.

-Jeff, High School English Teacher

Wonderful presentation! Your workshop was inspiring to those of us who face the same challenges, and was enlightening and informative to teachers of other populations. Thank you for sharing this information, and for the techniques you used with us.

-Holly, 4th grade teacher

Your understanding and compassion have made a world of difference for “our” students. John says that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are the only days of the week that are “great.” Tarra lights up when you walk in the room. Nahman says you really help him. Thank you so much for all you have done for all of us.

-Janine, 2nd Grade Teacher

Thank you for teaching us how to implement your amazing writing project. The students grew so much!

-Hannah, Literacy Coach

I appreciate all you have done for me this year. I couldn’t be here without you. Your flexibility and creativity has been instrumental in my becoming the best teacher I can be.

-Kelly, 1st grade teacher

I’m so glad you were willing to research such a difficult topic and develo such amazing strategies that we can implement to help our students. I have chills thinking of my students bursting with stories that are troubling them. You have given me a direction with what to do. I feel more comfortable doing this now! I think you’re an amazing person! I wish my students could have you as a teacher!

-Cheryl, 5th grade teacher

Your presentation was not only thought provoking and powerful, but your passion and compassion for teaching and children was so evident.

-Kristi, High School English Teacher