What Parents Are Saying

You are so understanding of my son’s strengths and help him work with and overcome his weaknesses. You have helped him grow into the strong, self-willed, enthusiastic, bright boy he has become. You have nurtured his inquisitive mind and guided him to do what he enjoys and to learn new things and cover that information that he needs to grow into an educated young person. He has a joy of learning that before he came to you had almost been extinguished. You brought it back; you lit the flame of learning in him again!


You have a talent for creating imaginative projects to learn the subject well in a fun way.


How wonderful to have a teacher who could nurture my child’s passion for writing! We will always remember you for it.


I am very grateful that you have been an amazing supporter of my daughter’s development. I admire how you handle all situations with great calm and understanding. She always speaks highly of you.


Thanks to our guidance and patience, our daughter has blossomed and reached the potential that you (and we) always knew was there.

-AJ and Hillary

You are a very caring and gentle, and appear to genuinely want the best for everyone. There should be more people in the world like you. Not only do my children and I appreciated your willingness to understand and your compassion with us, they have benefited from working with you because of these qualities. I am so very, very glad you were a major part of the experience.


Thanks for being such a great teacher. You have a winning way with kids. You can appreciate their humor and I love that you have such a BIG HEART.


I’m writing you this letter to express my “thanks”!! You truly have been the best adult my daughter has worked with, and I only wish and pray there will be many more just like you. You do what you do because you “care,” and that to me is what is important. I cry as I write this letter…I’m asking myself why? I think it’s because I’m so afraid of not having an educator like you care so much! I know she will do well because you have “planted the seed.”


You have a great way with kids and you can see the beauty and humor in them even when the going gets tough.


We honor your devotion, wisdom, insight, love, and appreciation of all around you. Thank you for being a beacon of light for our child.

-Lakshmi and Michael

Whenever you greet me I always feel seen and special. Your charisma is delicious and infectious. You give one hundred per cent to your work (as I am sure you do to everything you love) and your comfort during you work with us clearly shows high level of confidence, take charge efficiency, and you multi-talents for seeking responsibilities delegating and implementing classroom endeavors.


You bring such an amazing positive energy into your workshops. You show respect for students and their learning process. I appreciate how you are able to design curriculum that allows students to explore learning, and how you tap into their interests and help them to develop their own motivation to learn.


I’d like to thank you for all you have done for my granddaughter. You have put a bright smile on her face and gave her much hope in her life. You’ll never know how much laughter, smiles, and happiness you gave her. Again, thank you for being the kind, loving, caring teacher that you are.