What Our Colleagues Are Saying

As a resource teacher, I am often called in to work with students and assess them when they are low achieving. I can’t tell you how many teachers request my services before making any modifications. I appreciated working with you so much because I was always called as a last resort because you had already implemented all of the interventions I helped other teacher’s implement, and had tracked the data so well. It was obvious that you knew when a student was struggling and immediately implemented interventions so that valuable time was not wasted in the life of the student. Your work with them gave us a clear idea of exactly where the student was experiencing difficulty, so we could target the problem very quickly.

-Liz Wilburn, Resource Teacher

Signs of your deep commitment to your students, their families, and co-workers are abundant. You have a special passion for language arts that is reflected in your direct, sincere and gracious communication with parents and adults. I was amazed by how enthusiastically you took on the responsibility of creating our language arts curriculum, built on in-depth units on our family histories, our personal stories, and poetry. I especially enjoyed how you created an environment where students were falling out of their chairs to get their own stories out and share them with the class.

-Alexander Reese, 4-5 Teacher

You demonstrate the abilities that make outstanding teachers. You are sensitive to the children’s needs and experiences and enthusiastic about their learning as well as your own. Your lessons are organized and developmentally appropriate. You presented them in a thoughtful and well thought out manner. You are an absolute pleasure to work with.

-Nina, 4th grade teacher

You are an enthusiastic teacher who genuinely cares about your students. You have good relations with parents, including them in their child’s educational experience. More than once, I have heard parents express that their children look forward to coming to school because you are their teacher. Through your own enthusiasm, you are able to generate enthusiasm for learning. You have high expectations of your students, who engage in accountable talk during classroom discussions. You are pleasant, dedicated, caring, and enthusiastic about teaching.

-Gail, Assistant Principal

You have many strengths, but you main strength, from my observations, is your ability to motivate students. You always seem sincerely interested in their progress, and present materials in ways that capture their attention. You consistently display creativity in lesson planning and motivating students.

-Courtney Rauw, Director of Studies

You are one of the most talented teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You are dedicated, thoughtful, creative, and so much more. I deeply appreciate how you begin the year by getting to know each student. You develop strong relationships with every child in your class, demonstrating your knowledge that learning takes pace in an environment where students feel safe to take risks and practice their learning. You deeply care for each child, and they know it. I am also impressed with the strong relationships you build with parents. It is exciting to see how often you communicate with them, and how genuinely delighted they are to have their child in your class.

-Mary, Director of Studies

Dreamers see through the darkness and into the light. You kept the faith and held onto the dream of educating, drawing out what which is within. And you changed the course of what it means to be a teacher at this school.

-Jenny, 2nd grade teacher

You bring such an enthusiastic energy into your classroom. You provide security to your students individually and collectively. It is obvious that your students feel secure when exploring uncharted territory. Your accepting and reinforcing rapport is quite apparent whenever I see you interact with your students. Your teaching skills and techniques are a manifestation of exemplary instruction.

-Howard, Assistant Principal

Your classroom management and differentiated teaching methods have given your students a wonderful environment in which to learn and achieve.You have an excellent rapport with your students, their parents, and all staff members. I am thankful that, in addition to your classroom duties, you have been a valued participant in Students Success Team meetings.


Your instuction is thoughtful, innovative, and standards based. I have enjoyed working together with you to help your students that have learning disabilities and other learning issues. You continually impressed me with the many hours you spent before and after school tutoring students and meeting with parents. I also appreciate how very conscientious you are about implementing accommodations and modifications contained in your student’s IEP’s, and devising appropriate individualized instruction that enabled special education students to integrate successfully into the general education population. It gives me great joy to work with someone who is so genuinely concerned with each of your students, and so successful with students that others find difficult to teach.

-Sharon, Resource Specialist

You put every staff member, student, and parent at ease. Your lessons are interesting and you always share something personal with your kids, allowing them to see the real you.

-Cory, 1st Grade Teacher

You have a certain passion for people that I enjoy. You are making connections with your children. When you’re uncertain about different things, you’re willing to risk asking hard questions. You’re also open to being different in order to progress. I like that. You’re a dynamic individual.

-Marcus, 5th grade teacher