What Kids Are Saying

You rock!

You have made school/writing fun! Love ya! Have a happy day!

-Ruby, 4th grader

You are the most easygoing, kid-friendly teacher I’ve ever had. You always laugh. You’ve helped me a lot with learning; reading, writing, math . . . and even art. I’ve always felt like you’re a friend as well as a teacher. You have the best sense of humor. I feel like you’re always looking out for what’s best for me.

-Aria, 6th grader

And thank you for being my teacher for 2 years!!! I love you! And you are the best. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

-Joy, 4th grader

You have no idea how much you have helped our class. In so many ways you have made the class better. You helped us listen when no one else could; you have inspired and brought people closer. So I really want to take the time to say just how much I love and appreciate you coming to our class. Thank Thank Thank you so much.

-Riley, 8th grader

You are the best teacher I ever had. I want you to be my teacher forever. You inspired me to be a teacher. I hope I grow up like you. Cupcake* says hi!

-Virginia, 2nd grader

*Cupcake is her puppy.

You are the best teacher I ever had. Thank you for all you taught me at school. I will never forget your name, even when I am a high schooler. Thank you.

-Tara, 3rd grader