Tweet Once school’s out, most kids don’t even want to look at a pen and paper. There are three ways that you can ensure that writing is an exciting outlet for your child’s creativity. 1. Write a Letter There are few things in life that bring me more joy than finding a real letter in […]

Tweet I’ve been in professional development all week and we’ve been talking about designing quality curriculum and instruction that produces literate children in 2010. I’ve been reflecting on my own literacy development as a child and asking myself many question. So, I have a question for you. What does it mean to be a literate […]

Tweet Here at Tandem Teaching we often give you the “inside scoop” about how to help your child navigate the educational system. But there’s one thing that’s about to come up for almost every kid across America that you don’t need us to fill you in on, because you’ve experienced it yourself on more than […]

Tweet “That males have many more problems with penmanship than females is not even a question. It is one of the better established facts in the literature.” –Steven Graham, scholar and special education professor at the University of Maryland I was on the phone with a dear friend yesterday. She was telling me that her […]

Tweet It pains me to see a child who so desperately wants to read but can’t. It’s like her world is so limited by her inability to read!  I can remember little Ms. Cara. She wanted to read so bad, and if you didn’t know her, you would have thought she knew how to read […]

Tweet It’s 8:30 and your child needs to turn in a book report in 12 hours. You’re tired, they’re tired, and your normally pleasant dinner table has turned into a battle zone. As simple as a book report might seem, the brain actually has to do a lot of things at once. Not only does […]

Tweet When I give an assignment to a child, it is my hope that each child has a natural inclination to study the topic at hand. But sometimes I fail, and I fail badly at it. For the third time in one month Mr. Michael’s had come to talk to me about Little Ms. Sunshine. […]

Spelling Plan for Active Kids

by Melissa on February 22, 2010

Tweet This post is for the parent who has worked really hard to make sure that their child has been able to tap in to their creativity when writing. You haven’t wanted to stop your child with spelling mistakes, because you inherently knew how unbelievably important it is for beginning writers to get their ideas […]