Tweet When your kiddo is little, there’s nothing that they won’t talk to you about. I’ve seen many parents blush when confronted with frank questions from their little peanuts. Fast-forward ten years, and you’ll see the very same parent with the same kid (now a teenager), and they miss it. The same kids that made […]

Tweet I grew up without cable. And the local TV shows I watched were pretty limited (According to mom, Bart Simpson was too disrespectful, and Doogie Howser too racy). Maybe that’s one of the reasons I never really hopped on the pop-culture train. Which is pretty unusual for someone raised in LA. When I visit […]

Tweet Dear Administrators, We here at Tandem Teaching would like to share with you our feelings on technology in the classroom and what you can do to ensure this happens with ease. In response to leadership day 2010 forum hosted by Mcleod we choose to write you a letter.We love the idea of using technology to […]