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Tweet Summer is a busy and fun. It’s also a time an alarming number of kids forget some of things they spent so much time learning during the school year. Here’s four easy and authentic ways you can reinforce those Math skills when you’re out and about: 1. Mall Math How many cars in the […]

Tweet Summer is a great time to learn. I’m a huge advocate for turning off the TV so that kids have rich opportunities to learn to make their own fun, problem solve, and engage in activities that stimulate their imagination. I also know that sometimes the only “Me Time” you can get is by turning […]

Tweet Now this fun multiplication learning game is one kids go crazy for. It’s so easy you won’t believe it. You need four dice to start. 1. You and your kid each hold a pair of dice. 2. Roll the dice. 3. Ask your child to multiply their two numbers while you multiply your two […]

Tweet This is a great game to teach kids a strategy for solving multiplication problems. And the only thing you need is a deck of cards! You pull the first card. You draw that many circles. Draw again and with that number you put tallies in each circle. Count the tallies and you have your […]

Tweet I had a kid invent this game because she didn’t like the multiplication game we were playing. All she did was take a piece of paper and draw a target. In the middle ring was a 6, in the next was a 4, and the outer ring had a 3.