kinesthetic learner

Tweet If you’ve got a kid that always tapping his pencil or can construct an Aztec temple out of Legos you’ve probably got a tactile learner. They’re often the most frustrating type of learner, and schools often cater to them the least. The tactile kids often get the label of misbehaved. Their hands are always […]

Tweet Melissa is bringing you Tuesday’s post today, as Patrick is on vacation. Eric Jenson was  a pretty wise bird who wrote, “Many learners who seem apathetic would be very enthusiastic if the learning was offered in their preferred style.” This would really help the little people if us big people were careful to keep it […]

Tweet Early in my career, I had a student who drove me absolutely bonkers. We were studying urban wildlife. Most kids read books about these animals, or drew or talked about them. But this kiddo would go in circles around the room, imitating her animal. She really had it down. The way she walked paired […]