gifted children

Tweet Summer is a great time to learn. I’m a huge advocate for turning off the TV so that kids have rich opportunities to learn to make their own fun, problem solve, and engage in activities that stimulate their imagination. I also know that sometimes the only “Me Time” you can get is by turning […]

Tweet Last week I had the opportunity to spend five delicious days with my four-year old niece. She came from San Diego to L.A, to participate in my annual summer camp called Camp N’Vision. She is a precocious little something with a lot of spunk and pizzazz. She is as dainty as a cupcake overflowing with lots of […]

ReThinking Giftedness

by Queenie on June 17, 2010

Tweet When most people think about gifted students, the first thing that usually comes to mind, is an innate sense of knowing. Here are some interesting facts that I saw this online and thought I’d share it with you. 1. Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before he could read. […]

Tweet 3rd grade report card comments: James is a bright boy. However, he is not living up to his potential. He is unable to pay attention in class for even short periods without distracting others or exhibiting off-task behavior. James has difficulty following directions and rarely completes assignments to finality. This is what I imagined […]

Tweet When I was five years old I loved to dance. To my mother’s dismay, I loved dancing on tables. Coffee tables, the dining room table, the kitchen counter, and even the bathroom sink! I was a toddler crazed to reach the highest point of the room and move to the beat. So my mom […]