Tweet Once school’s out, most kids don’t even want to look at a pen and paper. There are three ways that you can ensure that writing is an exciting outlet for your child’s creativity. 1. Write a Letter There are few things in life that bring me more joy than finding a real letter in […]

Tweet Last week I had the opportunity to spend five delicious days with my four-year old niece. She came from San Diego to L.A, to participate in my annual summer camp called Camp N’Vision. She is a precocious little something with a lot of spunk and pizzazz. She is as dainty as a cupcake overflowing with lots of […]

Tweet There are people with all sorts of enthusiasms and creativity which are not often enough made use of or even recognized because the tendency is not to rock the boat but to keep on doing things the way they have always been done. – Frederick Buechner Melissa is the founder of Tandem Teaching and […]

Tweet The more we help children to have wonderful ideas, and to feel good about themselves for having them, the more likely it is they will some day happen upon wonderful ideas that no one else has happened upon before. -Eleanor Duckworth Melissa is the founder of Tandem Teaching and teaches in the inner-city. She […]