Tweet Whew, can you believe that its almost the end of July? Honestly, I can’t. I’m sitting here asking myself, “Where has my summer gone?” Any-who, I hope that you have had a great summer. What did you do? Did you go to any backyard picnics, summer jazz festivals, or beaches? What about hiking in the […]

Tweet Last week I had the opportunity to spend five delicious days with my four-year old niece. She came from San Diego to L.A, to participate in my annual summer camp called Camp N’Vision. She is a precocious little something with a lot of spunk and pizzazz. She is as dainty as a cupcake overflowing with lots of […]

Tweet It’s 8:30 and your child needs to turn in a book report in 12 hours. You’re tired, they’re tired, and your normally pleasant dinner table has turned into a battle zone. As simple as a book report might seem, the brain actually has to do a lot of things at once. Not only does […]