boy writer

Tweet “That males have many more problems with penmanship than females is not even a question. It is one of the better established facts in the literature.” –Steven Graham, scholar and special education professor at the University of Maryland I was on the phone with a dear friend yesterday. She was telling me that her […]

Your Kid Is Not Lazy

by Melissa on April 11, 2010

Tweet I had a boy in my class a few years ago, a really smart boy, great storyteller. He would have kids and adults hanging on his every word. But he was a puzzle. He hated writing. It kind of drove me nuts, because he was such a good storyteller, but every time he turned […]

Does Your Kid Love to Dance?

by Queenie on March 18, 2010

Tweet Do you like to dance? I love to dance. When my song comes on you just might catch me on the dance floor . . . but PATRICK!!!* *(my eyes just got big with excitement) He really loves to dance. You can catch him dancing. As a matter of fact, you can be right in the middle […]