beginning to read

Tweet Summer is a great time to learn. I’m a huge advocate for turning off the TV so that kids have rich opportunities to learn to make their own fun, problem solve, and engage in activities that stimulate their imagination. I also know that sometimes the only “Me Time” you can get is by turning […]

Tweet I taught two kids how to read this year. It was hard. There were some days when I wasn’t sure if it would happen. We tried and practiced sight words and did picture walks. And then, two weeks ago, I was filled with elation when I realized that it had actually happened. When you […]

Tweet You love books. Your house is a house where literature is valued. You read for information, you read to escape, you read for pleasure. Your child has noticed this. Before your child could talk, they saw you looking at the pages with words scrawled on them. They might not say it, but they want […]

Tweet Olivia, by Ian Falconer Olivia is a sassy, energetic little pig who is a singer, a painter, and a mischief-maker. Join her on her adventures! Corduroy, by Don Freeman A stuffed bear comes to life in a department store, and goes on a search for his lost button. A little girl finds him, buys […]