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Tweet Last week I visited a progressive charter school in San Diego. It was their family art night. There were musicians playing music, 3D tempera paints, stained glass windows and sculptures. There was even a restaurant where the children were taking and delivering orders. The place looked amazing. But what caught my attention most was […]

Tweet Today the secrets behind Tandem Teaching’s Earth Fair Exploratorium Extravaganza booth are revealed (with photos).  The Earth Fair is a zero-waste event and our theme for the day was non-consumer based play. We wanted our space to reflect both of those things. Patrick and Edmund imagined and designed an amazing booth made out of […]

Tweet The Tandem Teaching Earth Fair photos have arrived! Those who attended the Earth Day extravaganza in San Diego with us will remember the pure delight and joy bursting from our booth. We will be sharing pics and our reflections on the event this week. One of our stations including the magical and mysterious gelatin […]

Tweet In a perfect world an effective play date happens when two children interact with the world in such a way that reality fades away and they are whisked away into their own special wonderland. Yet, there are times when a play date comes to a screeching halt and disaster arises. Here are a few […]

Tweet Play dates are fun, but can go wrong without proper planning. Here are some quick tips to ensure a great time for both kids and families. Meet at a mutual location. The first play date should happen at a place where the kids can get to know each other well and not feel like […]

Tweet With a nation so consumed with test scores, data, high achievement and baby geniuses, its no wonder that you might be thinking that “play” will derail your kid off the success track. After all, after soccer practice, violin lessons, and homework they just don’t have the time to play. But if you ask most […]

Tweet The quality of genius is being able to use simple materials in ways they were never intended. An Exploratorium is a place where your child can store all their open-ended materials. It’s a spot in your home they can go to create projects that the world has never seen before. All it takes is […]

The Case of the Gimmies

by Melissa on April 19, 2010

Tweet Some people think my cousin Conner has Split-Personality Disorder. Conner is eight years old. Every summer, my entire family gathers to camp near a lake in Indiana. For much of that time, you’ll barely see Conner. He’ll tear through the family campsite covered in dirt and scratches, scarfing down his dinner just to set […]