The Evidence is on the Bedroom Floor | an Excerpt from Our Forthcoming Ebook on Play

by Patrick on May 11, 2010

Illustration of PatrickYou may have noticed our little obsession with non-consumer based play lately. We have been hard at work packing that knowledge into an e-book (which gets more awesome every day).  Today we’re excited to share a sneak peak! Here is an excerpt by Patrick. UPDATE: You can buy it now! All About Inventive Play: the eKit.

The shift in childhood play is littered all over their bedroom floor. Its tucked in the back of closets and covered with dust on their shelves. It’s the Tickle Me Elmo’s, the expensive T-Rex robot, and the old Pokémon’s. They serve one purpose and do only one thing. Once the child understands how to use them and reveals their limited possibility the toy becomes worthless.

The shift in childhood play from open-ended materials that allow for creativity to consumer based play dominated by the newest must haves is changing the way children think and express themselves.  The great things they begged and pleaded for have a two-week shelf. They play with them intensely for a few fading moments, only to throw them aside. They spent more time and energy wanting it than they actually do using it.