All About Inventive Play: The E-Kit

All About Inventive Play: How to ditch the consumer gizmos and help your kid use imagination to build a great life.

Remember all that time you spent playing? Building forts, catching frogs, speaking pig latin, making your own paper dolls, hide and go seek, finger-painting…

You probably went hours and hours. The word “bored” was rarely in your vocabulary. And the way you played is how children have always played since the beginning of time.

Until now.

Kids today are the first generation to grow up with an entirely new definition of what it means to play. It’s shocking, and worse than that, its bad for their brains. (And bad for your ears. Just how many times can you handle hearing them beg, “Mooooom! I want that!”)

They want an iPod. And a Nintendo DS. And a Wii. And don’t forget Rock Band. They want a Bratz doll. With new outfits and accessories. More! More More!

Yet somehow, the more products and toys you seem to buy, the louder the whining and begging increases. And the less they use what you’ve already bought. They want more. They saw it on TV. “Moooom! Callie’s parents’ bought it for her.”

You’re under pressure. More games. More toys. More gadgets. A new cell phone. A new PSP. More “add ons” for the toys you already bought. More! More! More!

You want to keep your kids busy and happy, but you feel guilty if you don’t give in.

  • What if you could not only stop the endless parade of shiny, plastic, breakable, expensive stuff being hocked by the toy companies from entering your home, but stop your kids from even wanting it in the first place?

  • What if you could reconnect with your kids through the fun, imaginative play you remember from your own childhood in activities that are enjoyable for both of you? No screens. No plugs. No batteries.

  • What if you had a system for figuring what toys and games were actually worth it and what you could do with the stuff you already have that’s just sitting on shelves collecting dust?

You’ll also learn how to provide your child with an intrinsic sense of independence, ability to problem solve, and creative thinking that money can’t buy.

How? This e-Kit will teach you all about Inventive Play. The greatest benefit of inventive play is self-confidence and personal freedom. It is very unlikely given the current educational climate that someone else will provide this opportunity for your child. If you want them to have freedom and success, you’ll have to make it happen for them. And this guide will help to ensure that you’re providing these opportunities for your child and will help guide you as you seek other avenues that will support your child and ensure their success.

You Will Learn:

  • How to teach your child to be skeptical when they are being marketed to, and give them the tools to combat commercials and toy stores (this will also dramatically cut down on how often you hear, “Mom, can I have this?”)
  • How to thoughtfully choose toys and products
  • The effect of consumer-based play on your pocketbook, the environment, and your child
  • How to create a stronger bond with your child by doing things you both enjoy
  • Research and scientific studies on the cognitive benefits of play that you can share with that strict teacher your child has or your disapproving mother-in-law.

What You Get:

  • A 34-page online book of condensed research, tools, tips, guided reflections, that explain the importance of play and its effects on your child’s brain.
  • 4 Case Studies of children who have used play to become problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, adbusters, and leaders.
  • 16 engaging car games for long commutes
  • 11 art and nature projects in our recipe file (yes, its not Betty Crocker’s cookbook)
  • The Best of the Blog – our 12 most popular posts on Play, all in one place.
  • Free updates for life as we add information to and re-release this product.

And the Bonuses:

  • 38 unique Challenge Cards to banish boredom – a solution that conquers the age old sigh of “Mooooom! I’m bored!”
  • Playdate Contact Cards to keep track of little Sage’s gluten-intolerance, Garrett’s parents’ rules about TV, and who to call if Taylor gets stung by a bee.

Read the book, relax, and trust your instincts as we show you how to build your child’s confidence and natural abilities effortlessly while they play!

Who should buy this:

Anyone willing to take the easy steps to ensure their child will escape the boredom of conventional thinking. Anyone interested in ensuring that their child is living a happy balanced life. Anyone who needs the tools to ensure their child will be successful.

Who are we?

We are Melissa, Patrick, and Queenie, Over the last twelve years, we have spent hours each day researching, experimenting,and effectively putting into practice actions that ensure children will question and be critical thinkers as they come to their own conclusions about the information that is presented to them. This includes information they hear from commercials! We have worked at all kinds of schools (private, inner-city, charter) and with all kinds of children. We have conducted workshops, written curriculums, and finally founded Tandem Teaching in 2009 to bring not just one-on-one coaching to parents and children, but also our highly honed techniques to a larger audience. You can read more about our professional credentials here.

The guarantee:

100% satisfaction and effectiveness guaranteed. Because of the tendency for there to be a lot of hype with the newest parenting resources, we wanted to create the strongest possible guarantee we could for this product: “If you read the guide, try the exercises, and put in a good faith effort, we are not allowed to keep your money if it doesn’t work for you and your child. You have to let us know if this happens and we have to refund your money promptly.”

Specifically, we want to ensure that your child is able to become a creative, critical thinker through what you learn. Obviously, we want you to do even better than that (we truly believe that by integrating our advice and using these activities with your child, they will be transformed into thinking like inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, and problem solvers), but this is the bar of success for the guarantee.

In addition there is the usual 365 day guarantee – if you find its not a right fit for you any time in the next year, just tell us and you get your money back.

We make this guarantee in part to reassure you and in part so we can reassure ourselves – we really don’t want anyone’s money who cannot seriously benefit from this information for any reason.

Note: everything is provided in an online, down-loadable PDF format. No physical products will be shipped to you. You are welcome to print out any of these guides.

You get everything described above for only $9.99!

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P.S. Does it sound like this is right for you and your child? We’ve seen these techniques work for thousands of kids, so it will probably work for you guys, too. Don’t forget to email us to let us know about all the inventions that are birthed, stories that are created, and imaginary friends you meet along with way. We do this because we love it, but our favorite part is hearing from you!

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