How Was Your Weekly Ride?

by Melissa on December 3, 2010

It took about a month to walk across Spain. Five hundred miles. It was the last month of my year there and I decided to spend it doing a pilgrimage called the Camino de Santiago.

On the first day Patrick and I met, we discovered at the end of the day that he had done it the year before me! Our bond was immediately formed.

Walking was important, and amazing, and filled with wonder. But the special part wasn’t only the walking.

Some magic happened at the end of the day.

As we rested and tended to our blisters in a new Albergue, we’d sit and laugh and share what happened along our journey that day.

Sometimes it was wacky, sometimes sad. We’d talk about epiphanies we had when we were walking or riding, something we thought about, something we’ve felt. The sense of community we felt can’t really be put into words. I want that to happen here.

I’ve been wanting for us to write about our “weekly ride” for awhile now, to try to recreate that magic in this new community we’ve started. Queenie really motivated me this week, so here goes. . .

The Uphill Climbs (The Challenges)

  • Uphill Climb With a Child I’ve been having a tough time time working with a client. It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced something like this, so it’s really confusing. I’m going to brainstorm with Queenie and Patrick this weekend, and we are forming a stronger connection, but I don’t like feeling like I don’t know what to do. It’s rare and really uncomfortable for me.
  • Personal Uphill Climb Someone who I love deeply is very sick. It’s a chronic illness, but it’s always really painful when it flares up. So, I’ve been feeling pretty sad about it.
  • Physical Uphill Climb I’ve been feeling sick. I spent the day in bed yesterday. Boo.

Coasting Downhill (The Celebrations)

  • Coasting With Friends I’ve been getting so much love and support from all of the people in my life. A really special thing that happened was my friend Beckam changed my screen saver to show Baby Daniel, in front of his cake at his first birthday. He looks so happy, and it makes me so happy every time I open my computer and see his smiling face.
  • Coasting in the Best City I can’t believe I was still in Portland at this time last week! I got so much accomplished, met such amazing people, and came back with so many strategies that are really going to help the kids I work with.
  • Coasting at the Playground Havi taught me how to make Shiva Nata feel like play. I love it so much, and am so happy that I got to see her do it in person, because I understand it so much more deeply now.
  • Coasting with Family My friend Jim (who’s part of the family at this point) plucked us up from the airport and we went to our parents for a really nice dinner. It was so good to see them, especially since we missed spending Thanksgiving with them. It was really fun to tell them about our trip, and our stay at the amazing  Kennedy School. Dad was pretty hilarious, Mom was a delight, and Daisy (our much-loved family dog) looked chunky because she’d been up to no-good. (She ate three loaves of bread that mom had drying out to make the stuffing.) It had happened a few days before, but her belly was still much rounder than usual.
  • Coasting With Kids I taught kids how to do Shiva Nata! And it was fun for both of us! They pick it up so quickly.
  • Coasting With a Client One of my clients is making HUGE strides in reading. When I started working with him about three months ago, he was a resistant reader who was reading at a kindergarten level. He’s reading at a second grade level now, and he’s so enthusiastic. HUGELY exciting and inspiring to watch, and to know I was a part of his growth.
  • Coasting with a Coach Megan and I had an amazing consulting session with Kelly Parkinson last night. She helped us with marketing, copy, and positioning. We’ve been wanting to do it for a really long time, and it was better than we’d even hoped. She was funny, insiring, and just overflowing with great ideas.
  • Coasting Online I discovered Annie Fox, and amazing website that is overflowing with great resources for teachers and parents. I got lucky enough to hear her interview Katherine Ellison on an episode about ADD and ADHD. If you need more info on this topic, you will be so happy if you take the time to download this podcast.

That’s it for me.

Please join in and help me bring back the magic of evenings on the Camino.

What were your Uphill Climbs?

What part of your week felt like you were coasting downhill with the wind blowing through your hair?

Join us!

Melissa Lubaszka is the founder of Tandem Teaching and teaches in the inner-city. She blogs weekly about tips parents can implement to enhance their connection with their children and ways to bring out their children’s inherent gifts. Contact her for a private consulting session.


Patrick December 3, 2010 at 1:52 pm

The Uphill Climbs
– I worked for 13 hours on Thursday!
– My grandmother’s in the hospital.

Coasting Downhill
– I got a haircut, and I’m looking great.
– I got to spend time with good friends last weekend.
– We’re building Hopi Houses in the classroom this week and the project is really coming alive.
– Richard Simmons

Megan Lubaszka December 3, 2010 at 2:57 pm

The Uphill Climbs
-Deadlines! And a deadline I am still late on that I need to get moving for 🙁
-Too many hours in the airport
-My bus was late and I was late a couple of times
-Someone painted her nails on the bus in front of me yesterday and I got a headache.

Coasting Downhill
-Getting photos from our trip to the Playground today. Made me so happy to remember it!
-The Possibility spray from the Playground.
-I work with the greatest people in the world and my projects get more interesting everyday
-Talking to KP was also definitely a huge highlite of my week.
-The amazing book I am reading called The Elegant Universe. Physics!!!
-Bruce Springsteen’s new album
-Warm winter clothes
-Peppermint tea

Jim December 3, 2010 at 11:27 pm

The Uphill Climbs:
* Motivating myself to get out of bed even though I’m sicker than a dog. * Keeping my patience even when the customer is WRONG!
* When the wind blew my come-over and revealed another bald chunk.

Coasting Downhill:
* Bought my ticket to go home this Christmas to see the family!!!
* Watching as the plumber fixed my drain– it’s no longer clogged!
* Walking through Babies R Us and planning out my baby girl’s first outfit. I found the cutest little shoes!

Queenie December 4, 2010 at 1:02 pm

Uphill Climbs
-Working on my report cards for my classroom
-Tying up any loose ends before next week
-Changing my mind about working out daily- I needed to be working out with Lissa and Patrick
-Talking to my auto insurance about a claim, ( the women who hit my car- created a whole different story about what happened.) Her story was so different from what I recall happening … All I could do was laugh it was so funny… so that I wouldn’t be angry about it.
-I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked

Coasting Downhill
-Prepping for my PofU-our end of the unit project
-Planning for Summer Camp
– Seeing my family especially my nephew Rahmel-