How Was Your Weekly Ride?

by Melissa on February 11, 2011

As you know we end each week with our uphill climbs and our downhill celebrations, below is a glimpse of how my week went.

Uphill Climbs

This week I felt like I was trying to master a juggling act, and it was impossible to keep all of the balls in the air. There’s always so much I want to do, and projects that I want to take on. I have to learn how to pace myself, or I end up getting sick or burnt out.

I’ve been coaching Z for a few months, now. He faces so many challenges that it sometimes feels overwhelming. I spent Monday and Tuesday wondering if all of my time and energy is making a difference.

Coasting  downhill (celebrations)

I bought a day planner. Seeing my obligations in black and white makes it easier to pace myself and say no when I need to.

I met with some other adults in Z’s life. We looked at his progress from when I started working with him, and he’s grown so much. I guess it’s like a kid who you’re around every day. You don’t notice when he’s grown a few inches.

I’ve been witnessing so much emotional growth in my classroom. It is so exciting for me. I hear the way they talk to each other, and am filled with joy. They’re becoming little NVC experts! They seem so happy, too. Yay!

Patrick and I got to check out Mrs. Queenie’s new place. It’s fancy! Patrick was glad he bought those new sunglasses. And shoes.  Made him feel like he fit in!

How was your week?

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Queenie February 14, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Melissa, I definitely understand have a challenging week-
Glad to hear that your class is blossoming!
Yes he fit right in with those fancy glasses–