How Was Your Weekly Ride?

by Melissa on December 24, 2010

Patrick and I did a pilgrimage called the Camino de Santiago. Walking was important, and amazing, and filled with wonder. But the special part wasn’t only the walking. Some magic happened at the end of the day.

As we rested and tended to our blisters in a new Albergue, we’d sit and laugh and share what happened along our journey that day. Sometimes it was wacky, sometimes sad. We’d talk about epiphanies we had when we were walking or riding, something we thought about, something we’ve felt. The sense of community we felt can’t really be put into words.

That’s why we started sharing our “weekly ride,” to try to recreate that magic in this new community we’ve started.

The Uphill Climbs (The Challenges)

  • Apartment hunting in Los Angeles can be a sickening experience. Megan and I saw a place that looked like it could be the setting for a horror movie, and another that smelled so bad I almost lost my lunch. Did I mention both places were going for $2,200? Sometimes this is a tough city!

Coasting Downhill (The Celebrations)

  • My ma helped me search for a new place in Santa Monica for Megan I to move into. With her guidance, I avoided taking a place with a murky aquarium filled with turtles in the lobby, and another place off Pacific Coast Highway. It was beautiful, but mom was suspicious. “It just seems like there’s gonna be a lot of leering men around. You know, surfers who’ve lived there for twenty years.” We found four places I love! Keep your fingers crossed that one of them will work out.
  • Patrick and I got to celebrate the new union with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson at lunch on Monday. It was so much fun to hear about how wonderful their wedding day was.
  • Phil tuned 31! And his wife threw him an amazing bash.
  • San Pedro celebrated Baby Daniel’s homecoming!

That’s it for me.

Please join in and help me bring back the magic of sharing experiences after a trek.

What were your Uphill Climbs?

What part of your week felt like you were coasting downhill with the wind blowing through your hair?

Join us!

Melissa Spiegelman  is the founder of Tandem Teaching, where she provides strategies and solutions for parents whose children  are experiencing classroom struggles, and an expert consultant to the  USC/LAUSD/RAND/UCLA Trauma Services Adaptation Center for Resilience, Hope and Wellness in Schools. Melissa also teaches art playgroups for toddlers.  Contact her for a private coaching session.

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Queenie December 27, 2010 at 11:20 am

Cleaning and getting ready for our big move

Spending the week with my husband
Great Christmas Day Church and Family Celebration
Dinner with Melissa & Patrick at one of my favorite spots.