We’re three teachers that came together because we all believe in one thing: that children should be heard and valued.

We’ve worked with thousands of kids, and our biggest lesson is any child can be successful if they’re allowed to follow their inherent gifts.

We created this site because, through our years of experience, we’ve witnessed the lack of information most parents are getting from schools about how they can guide their children to be successful, happy, and healthy.

We’ve always witnessed the biggest results and growth in our students when we’ve worked in tandem with parents. We have very different skill sets and insights into how our children work well, play well, deal with difficulties, and see the world.

We strongly believe that when parents are empowered with the information we have from working “behind the lines,” they can effectively help their children succeed and guide them along a path that is authentic and liberating.

In short, we work daily to use education as the practice of freedom, so that passion is the chase, not grades or test scores. Don’t get us wrong, Tandem Teaching is fully aware that we are living in a society that places a high importance on testing and grades. We’re pragmatic, and we’ve got tips to help you glide smoothly over those speed bumbs, too.

Tandem Teaching is here to give you efficient, effective ways to handle this aspect of your busy life, the most important part: your kids!