So you want to work with us?

Oh boy.*

*Patrick and Queenie are busting moves while Melissa makes one of her excited faces.

A one-on-one, one-on-two, or one-on-three brainstorming session to guide your child’s learning adventures.

If you’re a parent trying to provide your child with the best possible education without killing his love for learning, it can be tough in these days of over-capacity classrooms, standardized tests, and blah curriculum.

You want to provide an enriching educational experience, and you try to diligently help your child stay on track with his homework assignments (even when they seem like, well, too much).

Your kid is such a bright beacon of curiosity and joy, still new to the world and capable of feeling its greatest delights with glee. He also feels the sting of test score results, the trepidation of constant observation and monitoring, and less time overall to play and be a kid.

You know that his tremendous capacity, this (oh, the dreaded p-word!) potential that brims out, and you worry that he will sink into boredom or become a disruption. You know that your child’s future is a bright, precious thing, and you hope to strengthen him against the forces of negativity and also those other forces that mean well.

Knowing these things, maybe

-Your kid is bright. He intensely studies his passions. And suddenly he is complaining that school is boring. You worry his passion is already tapped out.

-Your kid is painfully shy. You wish you could make friends for her but she is like a little mouse around the other children. You worry she might grow up friendless, and perhaps she is being teased.

-Your kid refuses to do homework. Maybe its meltdowns, maybe its dancing around instructions through distractions, maybe its logical reasoning that you can’t seem to win. His grades are suffering, and he’s being stubborn.

You wonder if you will ever give your child the education he deserves, and if the approaches you are taking are correct or will have crippling emotional side effects.

The discussions in the education world are tough to keep up with – between flopping curriculums and theoretical systems that are often contradictory.*

*Ahem, and occasionally pretty condescending.

Besides, you need real, proven strategies, not a bunch of theory, as the quarter marches on and you watch your child grow more stuck and frustrated.

You’ve been trying to improve the situation, but the tears continue. Maybe the strategies you are being given just aren’t working.

Reading boot camp kits and tutoring centers that just seem to equal more homework.

Timed practice tests that are only serving to give your little one stress and anxiety.

You know there is a solution out there, but this system seems a crazy one that your child is being asked to fit into. The strategies that claim to be enriching are just boring, and you wonder how to direct your autodidact’s learning in a meaningful way.


Where do we go from here?

You are active in your child’s learning, searching out new resources for his delight. You have engaged with teachers that were a great fit for your child, and some that just seemed impossible to work with.

Your kid has learned a lot of practical how-tos and a lot of solid bedrock curriculum.


But, where are the sprinkles?

Where are the glistening gem that delight his learning experience?

The help you need is a brainstorming session of strategies to implement and resources to go to.

A chose your own learning adventure!

The help you need is an approach that includes:

-Becoming clear about your child’s unique learning style and learning traps.

-Learning how to talk to your child in a way he will understand (and how to get information out of your kid when he’s tight-lipped!)

-Knowing what activities to do with your child and when to do them so that you get the best results.

-Understanding the best possible way to talk to educators and administrators about your child.

All while feeling supported so that you can have your child skipping to school in the morning instead of pretending to be sick.

Our approach: Playful strategies that bring results

This program is one of the very few that recognizes that your kid is…a kid. And not just that, a remarkable kid. We know the young mind is tremendously quick and impressionable. To have any effect on a child’s learning, you have to maintain that care and awareness while also providing strategies tailored to their personal learning styles and interests.


Here’s how it works.

  • You reserve a place with the button below while paying the reservation fee of $120. The fee is the amount in full for the cost of a session.
  • Once you’ve paid for your session, email Megan at Megan(at)TandemTeaching(dot)com to set up an appointment.
  • All sessions are an hour long, and take place over the phone.
  • Appointments are available from 4 pm to 8 pm, Pacific Time.