Free Summer Learning Programs That Really Work!!

by Melissa on June 13, 2011

Summer is a great time to learn. I’m a huge advocate for turning off the TV so that kids have rich opportunities to learn to make their own fun, problem solve, and engage in activities that stimulate their imagination.

I also know that sometimes the only “Me Time” you can get is by turning to electronics!

When those times arise, I want you to know about some great websites that promote summer learning in a fun and fabulous way. They’re also great if your child needs skills reinforced over the summer, or wants to be more prepared for the grade they’re about to enter. Here are my top three:

1. Site:

Grade Level: PK-8

Description: This site is, by far, one of the best educational resources out there. It has fabulous games that are targeted to the specific needs of your child. Sign up your kid for the grade level they just finished if you think they need to review, or sign up for the upcoming year if they have a solid foundation and want to get acquainted with the concepts and skills they will be learning in the year to come. Then, you will be emailed daily lessons that are easy for kids to do independently covering Math, Science, History, Vocabulary, and activities to go with it. It’s engaging, enjoyable, and very effective. Did I mention that it’s free? Amazing, amazing, amazing.

2. Site:

Grade Level: Pre-K-2nd

Description: Motivates children in an atmosphere of imagination and enthusiasm to provide opportunities for child-directed instruction. It’s a fun and engaging site that teaches kids how to read with phonics.


Grade Level: Pre-K – 8

Description: Complete coverage of math curriculum, aligned by State Standards. This means you can look at your child’s end-of-year report card, and have them review the specific part that they need help on. You can also have them preview and practice what they’ll be learning in the year to come so they can enter confident and extra prepared. It’s a fun and colorful site with questions that adapt to your child’s ability, increasing in difficulty as they improve. It also provides immediate feedback and question-specific explanations to make sure your child understands each concept.

I would love to hear how these sites work for your family.  Shoot me an email or leave a comment in the comment section below.

Melissa Spiegelman  is the founder of Tandem Teaching, where she provides strategies and solutions for parents whose children  are experiencing classroom struggles, and an expert consultant to the  USC/LAUSD/RAND/UCLA Trauma Services Adaptation Center for Resilience, Hope and Wellness in Schools. Melissa also teaches art playgroups for toddlers.  Contact her for a private coaching session.