Four Phrases That Will Change Your Child’s Life

by Queenie on July 29, 2010

Image of QueenieThe other day I was at CPK and my waiter had something that most people have lost. He had a-mazing customer service skills. I mean he was fully present, helpful, willing to admit his mistake and made my overall experience a joyful one. Needless to say, I left him a $15 tip, a lot more than he was due. When I left, I realized how weird it was for me to ‘notice’ and be impressed by the fact that he had manners. Manners and decorum are still relevant. I’m not tied to rules for the sake of rules but a good ol’ fashioned yes please and thank you has not gon out of style. We all can recall a time when we were on the phone with customer service reps, or trying to check in at a hotel, or at a restaurant and the service was horrible.

Here are four phrases that anyone can use:

1. Thank you– Oh my gosh, when a child says thank you, I’m suddenly looking for more ways to honor his request.

2. May I– I mean really, how can you deny any one when they say ‘may I’, honestly I can’t.

3.Excuse me– If I am in the middle of something, everything comes to a screeching halt to assist this child in any way shape or form.

4. Would you be willing – Moms, you should try this one. The results you get are astonishing. A quick test & measure will reveal that this is the phrase that you’ve been missing. Beds will get maid in record time, and chores will be done quick, fast and in a hurry. Truthfully, most people are willing to help, so when they here this phrase, it makes them feel respected, honored and needed. Unlike commands and demands.

Teaching your child early on about the power of these phrases will launch them into success. How, might you ask. Truthfully, people like helping people who are well mannered. When was the last time, you went out your way for someone who was rude? Exactly, so long ago that you can’t remember. lol – Teaching your child to integrate these phrases into their repertoire will lift their level of communication with other children and adults. We all know that opportunities are given to those who have the skill + great personality + communication skills. As you can see, the waiter got a nice lil tip, all because of his manners/service.

How often do you use these phrases? Lets do a little challenge, start using these phrases more often and let’s document how people respond to us. Are you up for the challenge?

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Queenie Lindsey is an academic coach and educational consultant. She is the founder of Tandem Teaching and Distinguished Learning Group, an academic coaching firm. Follow her on Twitter.


Heather July 29, 2010 at 10:10 am

Good reminders Ms. Queenie. We are always striving to use these words but do forget at times. We a going to take you challenge and see what happens.

Melissa July 29, 2010 at 5:04 pm

Keep us updated on how it goes! It makes so much of a difference, anywhere you go.