Earth Fair 2010 Photos | How to Create an Amazing, Completely Recycled, Zero Waste Display Booth for No Money

by Queenie on May 20, 2010

Image of QueenieToday the secrets behind Tandem Teaching’s Earth Fair Exploratorium Extravaganza booth are revealed (with photos).  The Earth Fair is a zero-waste event and our theme for the day was non-consumer based play. We wanted our space to reflect both of those things.

Patrick and Edmund imagined and designed an amazing booth made out of materials lying around Patrick’s house. The Exploratorium was built with tons of different containers – cd holders, tupperware, bowls, office supply boxes. The boxes were filled with pipe cleaners, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, old crayons, buttons, qtips and, of course, cups. Everything was recycled or reused.  Talk about non-consumer based play!

Consumer based play versus Non consumer based play sign at Tandem Teaching's Earth Fair booth.

Consumer based play versus Non-consumer based play. Boards designed by Patrick and Edmund.

Melissa, Patrick and Queenie standing with their bulletin boards.

Melissa, Patrick and Queenie standing with the gorgeously-designed-by-Edmund bulletin board versions of their blog posts (there are even index cards for "comments"!).

The extremely talented Edmund illustrated and hand-lettered beautiful bulletin boards to match the look of the site. They were held in place by crates and brooms and mops (once again items Patrick already owned).

Sign with a quotation written on it.

We also hung quotations around the booth. "Play is the answer to the question - how does anything new ever come about?" Jean Piaget

Bulletin boards that look like "blog posts."

More bulletin boards that look like "blog posts" designed by Edmund and written by Queenie and Melissa.

Tandem Teaching Earth Fair booth.

The Tandem Teaching Earth Fair booth!

Exploratorium at Earth Fair.

We hung "Not a Cups!" that kids made that day all over the booth, too.

Patrick, Melissa, Megan, Queenie, and Edmund at Earth Fair.

Patrick, Melissa, Megan, Queenie, and Edmund stand in front of our booth at the end of Earth Fair in front of Edmund's gorgeous hand-printed sign.

You can see more pictures of our Earth Fair fun (with jello!) on Flickr and our Facebook fan page. For more ways to engage your child without gadgets and gizmos, check out All About Inventive Play: the  e-Kit.

Queenie Lindsey is an academic coach and educational consultant. She is the founder of Tandem Teaching and Distinguished Learning Group, an academic coaching firm. Follow her on Twitter.


Jen May 20, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Great booth! Great pics!

Queenie May 20, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Thanks Jen,

We had a great time!