Earth Fair 2010 | Meet Tandem Teaching!

Come meet Patrick, Queenie and Melissa this Sunday (April 18) at the 2010 Earth Fair!

The Earth Fair in Balboa Park, San Diego, is the world’s largest annual free environmental fair.

We’ll be talking about Tandem Teaching’s latest obsession: non-consumer based play.

We will have activities to engage your kiddo using low cost and recycled materials, and unveiling tips that will soon be making their way to the site in a tasty format.

Will we see you there? Here are the facts!

You’ll find us in Area 3, the Children’s Area (Click for a handy dandy map).

We will be there from 10 am to 5 pm.

About 70,000 people are coming. You can wrestle with traffic or check out these alternative transportation options.

The Children’s Earth Parade is an adorable can’t miss. It starts at 10:30 am and features kids dressed up as endangered species.

We are so excited to meet you!