Dear Moms: Back To School Routines Are A Must…

by Queenie on September 1, 2010

Image of QueenieDear Moms,

By now you should be in the full swing of things and we at Tandem Teaching know that you are executing our back to school tips and tricks with ease and precision, right? For some of you yes, but for others you’re proabably thinking, I really do need some help.  Lets see, are you still running around trying to get everything off the supply list? What about, mapping out your child’s extra -curricular activities for the week? Oh, and how are you handling all of those papers, notes, flyers, upcoming events, and everything else? Well if you know anything about Tandem Teaching, you know we have some tips up our sleeves.

drumroll please…….

Make a Homework & Events Calendar: If you have more than one child, I know its the worse feeling in the whole wide world to find out that your child has a book report due, first thing in the morning and the other one has to do a science experiment. So, here is a quick tip, buy a calendar and put all the events and homework due dates on there. This way, there is one place to go to for all the due dates and you can plan out your days accordingly.

Drop & Go- This is the most important tip, it’s as important as your fire escape plan. Okay, maybe not that important. But, this will save you lots of time and heartache throughout the year. Find a place in your home where your child will drop their backpack and go, as soon as the walk in the house from school. This drop and go strategy, will give you the assurance that whatever was put in the bag at school will get seen by you and will not get lost.

Homework Table & Resource Drawer: This is a biggie. It’s so important for you to make sure that you have a designated homework table because this cuts down on the time spent looking for the lost homework when your trying to get out the door at 7:30a.m.  Also, there should be one place where you child can find the glue sticks, scissors, colored paper, study aides such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, folders tape and so forth. Who can do homework, when they have to run around the house looking for resources? The glue is in the kitchen, the dictionary is upstairs, and I can’t find the tape.  Thats when they start yelling and you hear, “mommmmm.” This is time consuming and forces kids to skip many aspects of their homework assignment because its “taking too long” for them to finish.

Weekly Menu– Pick a day, any day and write out the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire week. This way your not trying to figure out your meal plans everyday. Put it on the refrigerator, so everyone knows exactly what’s cookin’ for the week.

I invite you to implement one of these strategies. Let me know which one worked best for your family. Btw, I can’t believe its September. (boy how time flies)

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Queenie Lindsey is an academic coach and educational consultant. She is the founder of Tandem Teaching and Distinguished Learning Group, an academic coaching firm. Follow her on Twitter.