Tweet I stumbled upon what is perhaps the greatest work of literature ever found. It’s better than any self-help book and only takes 10 minutes to read. When life throws me a curve ball and when I’m about to tear my hair out, I turn to this simple beautiful story. It’s changed the way I […]

Tweet After the kids went home that day, I pored over all of the books I had in the classroom. I was surprised and amazed to discover that I didn’t actually have a shelf of “Tommy Burgers.” Many of my favorite books were among the books on the shelves! I found Island of the Blue Dolphins, Bridge […]

Tweet One of the easiest tricks to getting your kid to read and keep reading is finding them a series. Once they find one you’re talking about hundreds, maybe even thousands of unexplored pages. So here’s a list of four series that will keep your kid hooked. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The story […]

Tweet This is Part 4 in Melissa’s case The Secret of the Resistant Readers. When we left off last time, I told you I was channeling my inner Nancy Drew. What I didn’t tell you was that I was also channeling Nina, my amazing master teacher. I remembered some advice she gave me when I […]

Tweet This is part 3 in The Secret of the Resistant Readers Case. Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2. So, the bookshelves in my classroom when I’d started that had been almost bare were now overflowing. The kids all had book boxes, there was a system set up so they could check out […]

Tweet So you have a kid, who in your mind is a genius, I mean everybody knows just how great your kid is, right? He or she asks the most astonishing questions and their mind can conceive of the most amazing things but there is just one thing, Your kid hates to read. I mean […]

Tweet This is part 2 in Melissa’s case The Secret of the Resistant Readers. With the instinct of a detective who dared not miss a clue, I deliberately set out to examine the scene of the crime. I arrived at school on my sixth day teaching and hurried into the library. My shoulders immediately tensed. Memories […]

Tweet Read to them. Take their breath away. Read with the same feeling in your throat as when you first see the ocean after driving hours and hours to get there. Close the final page of the book with the same reverence you feel when you kiss your sleeping child at night. Be quiet. Don’t […]

Tweet What makes reading so hard for kids is a little muscle in the eye. It’s responsible for the fine motor skill that follows letters across a page. The precision of this muscle that is required for reading is nearly as precise as what’s required for a surgeon to perform open-heart surgery. It’s challenging. It’s […]

Tweet I remember my car speeding along the road on my way to work, the second week of my first year teaching. I remember gripping the steering wheel as I confronted the harrowing realization that most of the third graders in my class were resistant readers, there were even some who were not reading at […]