Tweet I had a parent come to me at the beginning of the year. She asked me what she could do to support the classroom. I could tell she could be my “go-to parent.” She was organized, involved, and attentive. For a moment, possibilities raced through my head: field trip coordinator, parent volunteer organizer, phone […]

How Was Your Weekly Ride?

by Patrick on December 17, 2010

Tweet Uphill Climbs A Tough Cookie- I have a student whose behavior has been a challenge and no matter what strategies I use, I can’t make it work. Having a meeting tomorrow to solve the problem. My Grandma- My Grandma had to move out of her house into a hospital care facilities. It’s hard being […]

Tweet Nielson recently took a survey on the most in demand gifts for kids in 2010. Apple products overwhelmingly dominated the “must have” toys this holiday season.The results? I-phone G4 I pod touch 3-I pad. The rest of the list included the Harry Potter Lego Video Game, Kinect for X-box, camera videophones, and Barbie Video […]

Breaking News!

by Melissa on October 4, 2010

Tweet This weekend was a weekend of celebrations! On Saturday, as Patrick, Queenie, Megan, and Edmund (our amazingly talented illustrator) gathered around my dining room table, you would not believe how big our smiles were. After months of hard work, our e-book has finally been completed! Megan had it printed out, and there was much laughter […]

Tweet You might be thinking are you really asking me if college is right for my kid? And, subconsciously your probably saying of course it is! You can be honest. I’m sure the title threw you off a tad bit, but something about it sparked your interest. Besides, you’re a lil shocked yet curious as […]

Tweet There is a poison that is sitting unnoticed in the foods that you are feeding your child every single day. It causes children to have intolerable mood swings, insufferable outbursts, and unbearable acts of aggression. The Food and Drug Administration knows it, but refuses to do anything about the harmful chemical affecting the very […]

Tweet Dear Administrators, We here at Tandem Teaching would like to share with you our feelings on technology in the classroom and what you can do to ensure this happens with ease. In response to leadership day 2010 forum hosted by Mcleod we choose to write you a letter.We love the idea of using technology to […]

Tweet I just received a phone call from a friend who was absolutely distraught. Three months ago, she got laid off from a job she loved. She had to say good bye to her boss, a mentor who she adored. She cried over the loss of her coworkers, among them some of her closest and […]

Tweet Your six year old has just gained control of a permanent marker. Dark black scribbles have forever scarred your gorgeous Pottery Barn table. This is the end of either your beautiful dining room table or your personal sanity. DOOMSDAY Well take a deep breath because I have the cure to removing permanent marker stains […]

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

by Patrick on June 15, 2010