Brain Development

Tweet Isn’t it strange that sometimes we avoid the things that are best for us? I got a big lesson about that at my Thanksgiving celebration, which was far from traditional this year. Megs and I went on The Great Ducking Out Rally in Portland. It was fun. And so exciting. It was really nutty […]

Breaking News!

by Melissa on October 4, 2010

Tweet This weekend was a weekend of celebrations! On Saturday, as Patrick, Queenie, Megan, and Edmund (our amazingly talented illustrator) gathered around my dining room table, you would not believe how big our smiles were. After months of hard work, our e-book has finally been completed! Megan had it printed out, and there was much laughter […]

What Is A 504 Plan?

by Queenie on September 30, 2010

Tweet This month Tandem Teaching is dealing with all the in’s and out’s as it pertains to special education programs, resources and scenarios that pop up at home and in the classroom. As a parent it is especially important for you to be aware of your rights and the privileges provided to your if they […]

Tweet Has your kid ever come home, tears welling up in their eyes, holding out a test they failed, feeling totally bewildered as to why they failed it? Have you felt baffled, knowing they knew the material inside and out, wondering why they couldn’t perform? Many people suffer from test anxiety, and man oh man […]

Tweet “The very brain circuits that are activated during play are also activated during joyous, happy moments in our lives, and the more you exercise a brain circuit, the stronger it gets. So letting kids have a good time in play is one of the healthiest things you can do for them.” -Daniel Goldman, Ph.D. […]

Tweet Whew, can you believe that its almost the end of July? Honestly, I can’t. I’m sitting here asking myself, “Where has my summer gone?” Any-who, I hope that you have had a great summer. What did you do? Did you go to any backyard picnics, summer jazz festivals, or beaches? What about hiking in the […]

Tweet Teenagers invited over for a sleepover on Wish Avenue were often surprised by the unconventional way my ma chose to wake us up. At about 9 o’clock in the morning, she’d  turn the vacuum on high and place it on the Spanish tile right outside the door to our bedrooom. When we’d stumble out of bed to turn it off, we’d often […]

How to Unlock Potential

by Melissa on July 5, 2010

Tweet Cesar’s Story It was September in North Las Vegas when I met Cesar for the first time. The heat was so intense that we’d be dripping with sweat at 8 o’clock in the morning. It was his second time in second grade. The day before school, 3 different teachers came to warn me about […]