Tweet Over 30 years ago the FDA identified two chemicals (triclosan and triclocarban) that were harmful to the human body. The Agency recommended the removal of products that contain these two chemicals in 1978. The Agency did nothing to remove these products from the shelves they knew was harmful. In fact over the last ten […]

Waiting For Superman

by Patrick on August 10, 2010

Tweet I just saw a preview for a movie that had me on the edge of my seat. I cried and in the few short minutes was riveted. Waiting for Superman is a documentary coming out this fall. It follows a group of promising students through the battered school system of the United States. It […]

Tweet There is a poison that is sitting unnoticed in the foods that you are feeding your child every single day. It causes children to have intolerable mood swings, insufferable outbursts, and unbearable acts of aggression. The Food and Drug Administration knows it, but refuses to do anything about the harmful chemical affecting the very […]

Tweet I just received a phone call from a friend who was absolutely distraught. Three months ago, she got laid off from a job she loved. She had to say good bye to her boss, a mentor who she adored. She cried over the loss of her coworkers, among them some of her closest and […]

Tweet Your six year old has just gained control of a permanent marker. Dark black scribbles have forever scarred your gorgeous Pottery Barn table. This is the end of either your beautiful dining room table or your personal sanity. DOOMSDAY Well take a deep breath because I have the cure to removing permanent marker stains […]

Let Them Swing

by Patrick on July 13, 2010

Tweet Next time you’re sitting on the playground, take a minute to watch your child swing. There is a lot going on behind the seemingly simple movement. Swinging requires a precise coordination between the mind and body. Even more important it requires balance. Theses exact skills learned on the playground are needed in the classroom. […]

3 Summer Break Tips

by Patrick on June 29, 2010

Tweet It’s been about a week or two now and it’s the point where summer break is really sinking in to their little minds. This isn’t like those tiny winter vacation or the barely noticeable spring breaks that goes by with a blink of the eye. This is summer vacation. This is the long haul. […]

Tweet Last week I visited a progressive charter school in San Diego. It was their family art night. There were musicians playing music, 3D tempera paints, stained glass windows and sculptures. There was even a restaurant where the children were taking and delivering orders. The place looked amazing. But what caught my attention most was […]

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

by Patrick on June 15, 2010


Tweet If you’ve got a kid that always tapping his pencil or can construct an Aztec temple out of Legos you’ve probably got a tactile learner. They’re often the most frustrating type of learner, and schools often cater to them the least. The tactile kids often get the label of misbehaved. Their hands are always […]