Wednesday Wisdom – Bored?

by Megan on September 8, 2010

Tweet “If a child is bored, that means that they’re having some time to sit and think, ‘What can I do next,’ and that’s a valuable skill.” -Maureen O’Brien, Ph.D. child development specialist

Tweet “The very brain circuits that are activated during play are also activated during joyous, happy moments in our lives, and the more you exercise a brain circuit, the stronger it gets. So letting kids have a good time in play is one of the healthiest things you can do for them.” -Daniel Goldman, Ph.D. […]

Wednesday Wisdom

by Megan on August 25, 2010

Tweet Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr. Did you catch Tandem Teaching over at Dangerously Irrelevant this week? Read about it here.

Wednesday Wisdom

by Megan on August 18, 2010

Tweet “In too many modern playrooms, technology makes things appear, disappear, speak and move. There is no effort or creativity, no demand for practice or mastery. All the hard work is done by adults, who often spend years programming their techno-toys. Gilbert’s toys encouraged boys to perform for parents and friends. Today, toys are the […]

Wednesday Wisdom

by Megan on August 11, 2010

Tweet We thought you might enjoy this video for today’s Wednesday Wisdom. Announcements! We have some! Did you catch the interview with Tandem Teaching over at Simple Marriage? The amazing Pearl Mattenson asked us some questions about how parents should be focusing on their children’s summer experiences.  Find out what we really think about climbing […]

Tweet Today’s post will be going up later tonight. Check back in the evening or tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience!

Tweet The successful child is not the one that can memorize facts, but rather, the child that can ask the winnowing question. – Jane Healy

Tweet No matter what kind of ability you have in a given intelligence, you can explore, grow, and develop it. Whether you have trouble spelling dictionary or you’re a future best-selling author, you can become more word smart. Thomas Armstrong, You’re Smarter Than You Think:  A Kid’s Guide to Multiple Intelligence

Tweet Children’s art is beyond the realm of know language. It lies beneath the skin of language, in other words, there aren’t words to describe the feelings, the emotions, the pleasure, the pain, the reasons for painting, scribbling and daubing, Art helps humans actualize and internalize experience. When adults, however well meaning, interpret and attempt […]

Tweet The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done. -Jean Piaget