An Open Letter To Administrators| Leadership Day 2010

by Queenie on July 30, 2010

Dear Administrators,

We here at Tandem Teaching would like to share with you our feelings on technology in the classroom and what you can do to ensure this happens with ease. In response to leadership day 2010 forum hosted by Mcleod we choose to write you a letter.We love the idea of using technology to improve our students learning, however its often challenging to do so. We find that we are inundated with new programs and solutions that we are expected to implement into our classroom.

In this ever-changing world where technology is becoming more and more of our children’s lives, we fully realize how important it is to incorporate this aspect into the classroom. The only thing that’s stopping many of us from doing this is lack of systems in place that will help us execute this new way of teaching. Here are some ways to offer teachers the support they need.

1. We want  training and support that is given over time, not a one day  inservice on the latest gadget.

2. We want training that is applicable the next day, or a training that inspires us run to our classrooms and incorporate these skills into our lesson plans.

3. We want you to check in with us to see how it’s going, and ask us if there’s anything that you can do to make implementation of tech in the classroom easier.

4. We want technology specialist (or technology coaches) to come into our  classroom and offer presentations with our students so that we can see in real time how it affects our kids, and how to engage them and see how they benefit from it.

5. We want these technology coaches to meet with teachers to brainstorm and give us ways to  incorporate technology into our projects/units of study.

6. We want technology standards that allow us to understand which technology strands we are addressing, and fully understand how the tools that we are using affect our students.

6. We want technology to make our lives easier (if that means we have one less meeting, we thank you very much. We have more than enough to do as it is.).

7. We want training on how to incorporate technology  into our assessment measures, in a way that makes assessment more accurate and easier to analyze.

8. We want technology to be accessible to children

9. We want to use technology as a means of communicating with teachers and administrators. Here are some quick tips:

  • How about an ichat meeting
  • What about a podcast of administrators notes
  • Or interactive white board professional development session

10.Using technology as a means of communication between teachers and administrations makes its usefulness authentic and moves the vision along with ease.

Lastly, we want most are the three most magical words all teachers love, in lieu of, because we hear the words in addition to, way too much as it is. We believe that technology is an important and invaluable aspect to teaching, learning, and working with students. We hope that this letter gives you insight to what most teachers are thinking but are afraid to say.

With love,

Patrick, Melissa & Queenie

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