3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Writing This Summer

by Melissa on June 27, 2011

Once school’s out, most kids don’t even want to look at a pen and paper. There are three ways that you can ensure that writing is an exciting outlet for your child’s creativity.

1. Write a Letter There are few things in life that bring me more joy than finding a real letter in my mailbox among the bills and catalogs that usually fill it up. Go to Ross or the dollar store to buy some stationary. Address the envelope and provide the stamp. Your child chooses who to write to (try to steer them toward grandma or someone else you know will write back!) and what to write about. When they get mail back they will quickly become addicted to writing back!

2. Summer Writing Contests The site Brimful Curiosities lists eleven different writing contests kids can enter. With prizes ranging from a new bike to a trip to London, your child will surely be excited to participate in some of them. There’s even one where the winner actually gets published in a magazine!

3. Start a Blog My cousin was visiting last weekend. When I was driving him around Santa Monica and Hollywood he wasn’t familiar with any of the landmarks I was pointing out. Two things that did excite him? The Google building. The Yahoo building. We’re living in the age of the internet. WordPress and Blogger require users to be 13 before they can use the sites, but Dr. Patricia Fioriello gives parents safe, comprehensive advice on how to start a blog for kids under 13 here, at Kids Learn to Blog.

Email or leave a comment to let us know how these tips works, or other ways you keep your kid writing during the summer months.

Melissa Spiegelman  is the founder of Tandem Teaching, where she provides strategies and solutions for parents whose children  are experiencing classroom struggles, and an expert consultant to the  USC/LAUSD/RAND/UCLA Trauma Services Adaptation Center for Resilience, Hope and Wellness in Schools. Melissa also teaches art playgroups for toddlers.  Contact her for a private coaching session.