February 2011

Tweet Sometimes my parents say they can’t believe their three kids were raised in the same house by the same two people. We’re all soooo different. My brother was a star athlete in high school while my sister and I were bench warmers. My sister could pass any test without ever studying, but didn’t get […]

Tweet Every year I have at least one parent ask me for tips on how they can talk to their child about race and racism. On the flip side I know that there are parents who are offended when a teacher teaches their child about racism and will often object to it by making statements […]

Tweet I had a parent come to me at the beginning of the year. She asked me what she could do to support the classroom. I could tell she could be my “go-to parent.” She was organized, involved, and attentive. For a moment, possibilities raced through my head: field trip coordinator, parent volunteer organizer, phone […]

How Was Your Weekly Ride?

by Melissa on February 11, 2011

Tweet As you know we end each week with our uphill climbs and our downhill celebrations, below is a glimpse of how my week went. Uphill Climbs This week I felt like I was trying to master a juggling act, and it was impossible to keep all of the balls in the air. There’s always […]

Tweet The idea that men are created free and equal is both true and misleading: men are created different; they lose their social freedom and their individual autonomy in seeking to become like each other. – David Riesman, The Lonely Crowd There are many times that we become friends with people because of things we have […]

Tweet We’ve all got it. When someone messes with our kids it’s easy to switch into Momma Bear mode. It’s pretty hard for me to take a breath before I do it, and they’re not even my real babies. I have no idea how you, the real momma must feel when someone hurts your kid’s feelings! There’s one thing I do […]

How Was Your Weekly Ride?

by Queenie on February 4, 2011

Tweet Happy Friday! I’m so glad you joined us this week, I hope you found the weekly thought provocative and compelling. Let me know if you did anything to explore Black History Month. As you know we end each week with our uphill climbs and our downhill celebrations, below is a glimpse of how my […]

Tweet As a teacher I’m not a big fan of homework. I know its a big, bold statement but I remember  all the times when my teachers gave me useless homework assignments. The job of the assignment was to keep me busy, not to get me thinking. The Weekly Thought this week had to do […]