December 2010

Tweet I grew up without cable. And the local TV shows I watched were pretty limited (According to mom, Bart Simpson was too disrespectful, and Doogie Howser too racy). Maybe that’s one of the reasons I never really hopped on the pop-culture train. Which is pretty unusual for someone raised in LA. When I visit […]

Tweet Picture this scene: you’ve cooked dinner, and you’ve poured your love into it. You make the announcement that it’s time to eat, yet no one arrives to the dinner table eager to taste this scrumptious meal that you have just whipped up. So you try again, this time you yell out, “Dinner is ready!” […]

How Was Your Weekly Ride?

by Melissa on December 3, 2010

Tweet It took about a month to walk across Spain. Five hundred miles. It was the last month of my year there and I decided to spend it doing a pilgrimage called the Camino de Santiago. On the first day Patrick and I met, we discovered at the end of the day that he had […]

Tweet A kid who moves is a kid who learns. -Richard Simmons Last week, Patrick and Melissa worked out with the fabulous Richard Simmons, at his originalSlimmons Studio. He’s amazing, and wonderful, and cares so deeply about the future of our kids. tackling the issue of childhood obesity and pushing for increased school exercise programs. For today’s Wisdom, pick […]