July 2010

Tweet Dear Administrators, We here at Tandem Teaching would like to share with you our feelings on technology in the classroom and what you can do to ensure this happens with ease. In response to leadership day 2010 forum hosted by Mcleod we choose to write you a letter.We love the idea of using technology to […]

Tweet The other day I was at CPK and my waiter had something that most people have lost. He had a-mazing customer service skills. I mean he was fully present, helpful, willing to admit his mistake and made my overall experience a joyful one. Needless to say, I left him a $15 tip, a lot […]

Wednesday Wisdom

by Queenie on July 28, 2010

Tweet Queenie Lindsey is an academic coach and educational consultant. She is the founder of Tandem Teaching and Distinguished Learning Group, an academic coaching firm. Follow her on Twitter.

Tweet I just received a phone call from a friend who was absolutely distraught. Three months ago, she got laid off from a job she loved. She had to say good bye to her boss, a mentor who she adored. She cried over the loss of her coworkers, among them some of her closest and […]

Tweet How many times has your kiddo come up to you and said, “I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!”? Did it leave you scratching your head, as you looked around their room, shelves, and your den and noticed all of the toys that you’ve purchased for your sweet pea after they begged and pleaded? Did […]

Tweet Whew, can you believe that its almost the end of July? Honestly, I can’t. I’m sitting here asking myself, “Where has my summer gone?” Any-who, I hope that you have had a great summer. What did you do? Did you go to any backyard picnics, summer jazz festivals, or beaches? What about hiking in the […]

Wednesday Wisdom

by Melissa on July 21, 2010

Tweet There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they grow up in peace. -Kofi A. Annan, UN Secretary-General

Tweet Your six year old has just gained control of a permanent marker. Dark black scribbles have forever scarred your gorgeous Pottery Barn table. This is the end of either your beautiful dining room table or your personal sanity. DOOMSDAY Well take a deep breath because I have the cure to removing permanent marker stains […]

Tweet When asked to describe me a few years ago, my cousin said, “You could put Melissa in a bare room with no doors or windows, hand her a Chinese Checkerboard, and she’d find some way to lose it!” She was right. I spent much of my life searching for papers, keys, my passport . […]

Tweet I was in the mall the other day and I had a craving for some good ol’ Pinkberry. As I took my place in line, there was a family standing in front of me: mom, grandma and two boys. The older boy,we will call Braxton, was about 9 years old.  His body language and interest […]