May 2010

Tweet 3rd grade report card comments: James is a bright boy. However, he is not living up to his potential. He is unable to pay attention in class for even short periods without distracting others or exhibiting off-task behavior. James has difficulty following directions and rarely completes assignments to finality. This is what I imagined […]

Tweet Play dates are fun, but can go wrong without proper planning. Here are some quick tips to ensure a great time for both kids and families. Meet at a mutual location. The first play date should happen at a place where the kids can get to know each other well and not feel like […]

Tweet Both tellers and listeners find a reflection of themselves in stories. Through the language of symbol, children and adults can act out through a story the fears and understandings not so easily expressed in everyday talk. — NCTE – National Council of Teachers of English

Tweet Now this fun multiplication learning game is one kids go crazy for. It’s so easy you won’t believe it. You need four dice to start. 1. You and your kid each hold a pair of dice. 2. Roll the dice. 3. Ask your child to multiply their two numbers while you multiply your two […]

Tweet Get ready! Tandem Teaching is firing up the stove today. I’ve got an easy recipe to feed your resistant reader that’s lot of fun. Consider this my answer to Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals! Hook your kid by following this simple recipe: Shop Go to the nearest bookstore or library. Pick out some of […]