April 2010

Tweet I had a kid invent this game because she didn’t like the multiplication game we were playing. All she did was take a piece of paper and draw a target. In the middle ring was a 6, in the next was a 4, and the outer ring had a 3.

Your Kid Is Not Lazy

by Melissa on April 11, 2010

Tweet I had a boy in my class a few years ago, a really smart boy, great storyteller. He would have kids and adults hanging on his every word. But he was a puzzle. He hated writing. It kind of drove me nuts, because he was such a good storyteller, but every time he turned […]

Tweet Spring is a glorious time of the year. Flowers start blooming, the time springs up an hour, and people start coming outside. But inside the classroom there is a different kind of buzz happening-it has an aroma of maturity and the materialization of cognitive growth patterns. It seems like overnight that children have grown […]

Tweet Play is the answer to the question — How does anything new ever come about? -Jean Piaget

Tweet When I was five years old I loved to dance. To my mother’s dismay, I loved dancing on tables. Coffee tables, the dining room table, the kitchen counter, and even the bathroom sink! I was a toddler crazed to reach the highest point of the room and move to the beat. So my mom […]

Tweet You love books. Your house is a house where literature is valued. You read for information, you read to escape, you read for pleasure. Your child has noticed this. Before your child could talk, they saw you looking at the pages with words scrawled on them. They might not say it, but they want […]

Tweet I can see your face now, its completely smeared with confusion and in your head your thinking “I get it, I already know exactly why reading is important.” You think I am going to say that reading is fundamental. Come on! Give me a little more credit than that, I know that you know […]