March 2010

Tweet I saw this video after Blogush recommended it and couldn’t help but think of my cousin Angie (an amazing mom of three), who posted on her facebook status, “It’s Daughter’s Week! If you have a daughter who makes your life interesting and fun, who has been a blessing in your life and makes life […]

Tweet I stumbled upon what is perhaps the greatest work of literature ever found. It’s better than any self-help book and only takes 10 minutes to read. When life throws me a curve ball and when I’m about to tear my hair out, I turn to this simple beautiful story. It’s changed the way I […]

Tweet After the kids went home that day, I pored over all of the books I had in the classroom. I was surprised and amazed to discover that I didn’t actually have a shelf of “Tommy Burgers.” Many of my favorite books were among the books on the shelves! I found Island of the Blue Dolphins, Bridge […]

Tweet I had one, my brother had one and most of the children I have taught have had one, so I am confident that your child has one: It’s the stupid shirt. I mean the cape, the toy, the something that your child cannot live without. Some kids go through this phase quickly but for other […]

Tweet Children were not born to walk. They were born to run– barefoot, over rocks, through the water, through the mud. We need to give greater recognition to the energy and joy of children. — Bev Boss

Tweet One of the easiest tricks to getting your kid to read and keep reading is finding them a series. Once they find one you’re talking about hundreds, maybe even thousands of unexplored pages. So here’s a list of four series that will keep your kid hooked. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The story […]

Tweet This is Part 4 in Melissa’s case The Secret of the Resistant Readers. When we left off last time, I told you I was channeling my inner Nancy Drew. What I didn’t tell you was that I was also channeling Nina, my amazing master teacher. I remembered some advice she gave me when I […]

Does Your Kid Love to Dance?

by Queenie on March 18, 2010

Tweet Do you like to dance? I love to dance. When my song comes on you just might catch me on the dance floor . . . but PATRICK!!!* *(my eyes just got big with excitement) He really loves to dance. You can catch him dancing. As a matter of fact, you can be right in the middle […]

Tweet The single best curriculum innovation we could have to help all students, would be to stop the “putting in” of curriculum in the early years and draw students’ voices out, listen to their voices, make their voices literate . . . — Mary Poplin, former Dean of the School of Education, Claremont Grad School Melissa […]

Tweet It’s 8:30 and your child needs to turn in a book report in 12 hours. You’re tired, they’re tired, and your normally pleasant dinner table has turned into a battle zone. As simple as a book report might seem, the brain actually has to do a lot of things at once. Not only does […]