February 2010

Tweet When I give an assignment to a child, it is my hope that each child has a natural inclination to study the topic at hand. But sometimes I fail, and I fail badly at it. For the third time in one month Mr. Michael’s had come to talk to me about Little Ms. Sunshine. […]

Tweet The more we help children to have wonderful ideas, and to feel good about themselves for having them, the more likely it is they will some day happen upon wonderful ideas that no one else has happened upon before. -Eleanor Duckworth Melissa is the founder of Tandem Teaching and teaches in the inner-city. She […]

Why Little Rituals Are Big

by Patrick on February 23, 2010

Tweet I was watching Oprah and the episode was focused on longevity. Apparently, the key to a long life was simple. Ritual. The people who lived the longest practiced the same behaviors daily. Their lives, no matter how chaotic, were rooted in a handful of traditions. They ran every day. They had a glass of […]

Spelling Plan for Active Kids

by Melissa on February 22, 2010

Tweet This post is for the parent who has worked really hard to make sure that their child has been able to tap in to their creativity when writing. You haven’t wanted to stop your child with spelling mistakes, because you inherently knew how unbelievably important it is for beginning writers to get their ideas […]