The Dining Room Table: The Homework Battlefield

by Patrick on March 9, 2010

Illustration of PatrickWhen I was a kid my family used to have the most beautiful family dinners.

We’d share stories of our day and enjoy great food.

The room was filled with laughter and amazing smells.

We’d ask politely to be excused, and clear the table.

When the dishes were washed and put away, the backpacks came out. And the pleasant place that was once filled with joy became a war zone.

There were tears and screaming, not only from my brother and I, but also my parents!

Battle lines were drawn, sides were chosen and, in no time, the entire family was fighting over a multiplication worksheet for the rest of the evening!

The once sacred place has been defiled.

So here are three easy steps to neutralize the battlefield:

1. If you’ve got the space do homework somewhere else.

2. Take breaks.

3. Neutralize the battlefield with ice cream or a snack after your done.


Brandy March 16, 2010 at 11:20 am

“There were tears and screaming, not only from my brother and I, but also my parents!” Oh my gosh-how classic!! Great analogy, Patrick!

Melissa March 22, 2010 at 6:58 am

This is so true, and it’s a lesson that we can apply to any situation with kids. When you think things through before a possibly difficult experience, you have a much better chance of setting the child (and yourself!) up for success.